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"We love this current electronic and organic music made with the finger and the stick, the beautiful work of harmony, the very melodic bias of the compositions and the influences coming from distant countries." FIP

The second album of a trio which takes jazz beyond its borders and which offers us a journey that is both erudite, playful and dreamlike: Foehn trio… André Manoukian, FRANCE INTER

"Top Jazz Album" - MEZZO

"Album of the week" - FIP

Release: March 20, 2020 (CD / digital)

Label: Mad Chaman

Distribution: La Baleine / IDOL


Recording :

Studio of the Maison des Artistes, Chamonix-Mt-Blanc

Nicolas Falque and Charles Vetter, September 2018



Charles Vetter, Turtle Cuts Studio, Paris

Mastering: Mickaël Rangeard, QDS Mastering, Paris

Artwork by Débora Aldrich

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